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What Are the Common Design Requirements for Producing Foldable Packaging Boxes?

Understanding foldable packaging box

As we all know, the emergence of packaging boxes has facilitated people's daily lives. Recently, the Collapsible Packaging Box has received unanimous praise from the public. Its advantages are low processing cost, convenient storage and transportation, applicable to various printing methods, and suitable for automatic packaging. In addition, the Collapsible Packaging Box is easy to sell and display, has good recyclability, and is conducive to environmental protection, among other features.

With the further enhancement of people's environmental awareness, Collapsible Packaging Box has been widely used in the packaging of beverages/medicine/clothing, cosmetics and other products. In addition, it can be stacked in a flat shape before folding, greatly reducing transportation costs and facilitating storage. Although the Collapsible Packaging Box is a relatively common type of product packaging box, commonly used in drug, daily chemical, food and other packaging, there are different characteristics for each different box type and different applications. Therefore, what are the production and design requirements for commonly used Collapsible Packaging Box in practical applications?

Production and design requirements for commonly sued foldable packaging boxs

  • Reasonable design of gluing size. The carton box is generally glued by gluing machine, and the design of foldable packaging box structure needs to pay attention to the reasonable size of gluing: the width of the gluing plate of the rolling plate gluing method is 5㎜, and the width of the gluing mouth can be planned to be about 15㎜. If the width of the gluing mouth is reduced, choose the gluing plate with the width of 3㎜ when gluing the box. It should be noted that the width of the gluing mouth can be planned to be about 20mm, and the minimum width cannot be less than 15mm.

  • Rational design of folding line. In order to avoid paper jam, this kind of foldable packing box can be designed and planned to be as round as possible, and it can also be designed and planned to be not rounded, and it can also be connected part of the window opening to the carton according to the curve and node to make the paste box, and it can also open part of the window opening when assembling the carton.

  • When designing foldable packaging boxes, it is necessary to avoid line recognition errors. In this case, because the line to be folded is designed as a "trace line + knife line", the curve is partially broken and the repulsive force is much smaller than the repulsive force of other curves, so that it can be folded properly when gluing small boxes. If the folding line of the cardboard box uses the tooth knife line, then when die-cutting, you can add an indentation strip under the tooth knife line that needs to be folded to reduce the rebound force of the tooth knife line to ensure accurate recognition of the line.

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