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What Are the Precautions when Customizing Paper Cosmetic Packaging?

What are the precautions for custom paper cosmetic packaging, which can be explained from the following points:

1. The price difference of paper cosmetic packaging

The customized price of paper cosmetic packaging is mainly composed of the following parts: proofing fee, plate making fee, printing fee, material fee, and post-hand-made packaging fee. The price of the packaging seems to be the same, but it is actually the difference in the materials, craftsmanship and materials used. In short, the wholesale cosmetic packaging supplies is definitely a price-sharing product that never loses money unless something goes wrong.

2. The material of paper cosmetic packaging

Like our common paper cosmetic packaging materials, we usually use white cardboard, which is a thick and hard white cardboard. Practical and sturdy. The gram weight varies from 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams to 400 grams, the higher the grams, the thicker the paper. Gray cardboard is a little less wear-resistant than white cardboard if you can cut costs with grey cardboard, but tote bags work just as well. There is also coated paper, which has smooth surface, high whiteness, uniform distribution of paper fibers, uniform thickness, low flexibility, good elasticity, strong water resistance and tensile properties, and good absorption and acceptance of ink. Mainly used for printing albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and paper cosmetic packaging.

3. What is the difference between spot color and four colors for custom paper cosmetic packaging?

(1) Spot color refers to the printing and process of copying the original color with other color inks except yellow, magenta, cyan and black inks. In packaging printing, spot color printing technology is often used to print large-area background colors, and the cost is relatively low.

(2) Four colors refer to black, cyan, red, and yellow arranged according to their covering ability. Under normal circumstances, the printing on the computer is also arranged in this way. Generally, the printing place is well structured, plump and vivid, and the price must be high!

4. What kind of paper cosmetic packaging will be printed with spot color?

On the front of paper cosmetic packaging, it is often seen that it is composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradient color blocks and text. These color blocks and text can be overprinted with four primary color inks after color separation, or they can be mixed with spot color inks, and then only one spot color ink can be printed on the same color block. In order to improve the printing quality of the box and save overprinting time, spot color printing is sometimes used.

5. What kind of paper cosmetic packaging must use four-color printing process?

(1) The design style of paper cosmetic packaging such as the paper eyeshadow packaging should be novel, and the layout design should be fashionable and unique.

(2) Using special printing processes, such as printing, lamination, glazing, bronzing, silvering, ultraviolet rays, etc.

(3) Use high-grade printing materials to produce paper cosmetic packaging.

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