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New Ideas! The Ring Packaging Design You've Never Seen Before

Most people's impression of the marriage proposal scene is like this: the man knelt down with flowers, taking out a small box from behind, and then he opened the flap of the box where a shining diamond ring is. Wait… who said that the ring packaging must be a traditional clamshell box? Nowadays, there are many creative ring packaging designs emerging, which make an impression and surprise. The effect is definitely much better than traditional ring boxes.

Let's take a look at these different ring packaging designs together:

1. Wallet/card bag design

Just look at the appearance, you will be confused by it, but when you open it, you will be amazed by it. Unlike the traditional cube box, it is convenient for men to put in their pockets and not be discovered, ensuring the mystery of proposal.

2. Building block design

It is composed of 6 cubes made of walnut wood and tied together with leather cords. Among them, 3 cubes are drilled in the middle to provide space for placing the ring.

3. Push-pull packaging

By twitching the small note outside the box to open the ring box, it breaks the customer's original perception and brings them surprises.

The packaging of the ring is originally just a packaging, but it can become another kind of surprise after careful design. And it can also become love together with the ring for people who receives the gift.

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