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What Advantages do Custom Clothing Packing Offer for Brands

Custom goods packing is not new to the clothing industry. The reason why clothing packing customization is so popular is its advantages. Clothing packing can be used for transportation, storage, and retail packaging. Next, we will elaborate on some advantages of using custom clothing packaging, making custom boxes part of the corporate packaging strategy.

1. Brand promotion

Every store provides packaging for customers when buying clothing. In the early years, clothing stores often offered customers generic tote bags without the brand Logo. However, the current brands pay more attention to brand marketing. As a result, most clothing brands customize their packaging to distinguish themselves from other brands.

2. Cost effectiveness

Except the printing function, it can also design various shapes and sizes for clothing packing. The sizes of custom apparel packaging boxes are very cost effective. If the product packaging is too large, it will cause the product to move during transportation. Moreover, if e-commerce is involved, it will also affect its transportation costs. This can be avoided by choosing custom clothing packing, which are tailored to the size of the product and contribute to the safety and cost-effectiveness of the product.

3. Recognition

Custom clothing packing can also improve customer recognition. Because when the box doesn't match the brand, users will be able to associate the brand with the package of their product. If things go on like this, it will reduce brand recognition. On the other hand, if you use a Logo that matches the brand, then potential customers can learn about your brand from the Logo on the clothing package that old customers carry.

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